Assalammuallaikum Hubby.jutaan My apologies if this self-forgotten or engrossed with today's date is Wednesday, 15/08/2012 and today's date is also fixed your wife will remember and will never forget that day is here hubby.Di lovely birthday wish take this opportunity to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY for a lovely husband.semoga husband and simplify all the doors of our sustenance and happiness .... bersama.aminnnn
husband, listening to this heart piece of the box with you to understand how beautiful you really love this yourself wholeheartedly ...
Husband, beautiful wedding very fortunate and grateful for the beautiful bride in time hubby.Di quite difficult and happy no one is ill at the sight of this beautiful but hubby For only latent and explicit self-husband will also understand this. husband down that beautiful face there is nothing in the sight of beautiful .. Thank you for a husband on the meaning of this? ..
Husband, peace and kedamayan that for this I got from you is a beautiful store and bind them to love us, right erat2 still fertile and selama2nya insaallah germinate .. beautiful .. husband loves to do only one habby to end this life .... hope our marriage will remain to the end of life .. insaalh ....
Salam Love From Your Wife: AYU


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